Movie Review on Taken 2

          I should be in a lecture by Dr. Resali Muda but same goes to the PIL, the lecturer is not admiring at all! haha. I always complaint my lecturers right? How bad am I.

          Last night I was going to watch the latest movie in town which is Taken 2. For me I would rate is 4.5 out of 5 because it really gave me the feeling like my adrenaline was going upside down. Where is the other 0.5? I would like to criticize this movie because it shows that Muslims in the world are the bad religion that the world ever had. At the opening of this movie, a group of Muslims are reciting Surah Al Fatihah and Yassin for their relatives that had been killed by Bryan Mills in the last movie, if you watch it. This group that had been dealt with trafficking women and drugs was actually Muslim. Thus, the hero is actually fighting the bad Muslims from continuing with the criminals.

          My English is not so good, I wish to criticize more and more. I need to practice more and more and I will write many articles in English soon.




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2 Responses to Movie Review on Taken 2

  1. Aizan Fahri says:

    ahhh well…. keep on nourishing and norturing our skill in English. And also, I’m hoping for a full length review soon… peace, from NightlyArt

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