New Words

Hi, morning everybody!

I should be prepared to present my Public International Law (PIL) tutorial question tomorrow. PIL is an interesting subject, indeed. But the lecturer is not admiring at all, always get mad to us the student and every time we always feel annoyed with the goddamn annoying lecturer. She claimed that there will no amnesty, empathy for us by minimizing the jokes and telling stories outside the scope of our subject. This isn’t good right? Not really happy at all.  Lecturer should be close to  their student, not to humiliate them. That’s the reality of PIL for these 2 semester.

I just watched The Mentalist, Season 5, Episode 1. My Patrick Jane is coming back for me. I am so happy right now and the new words that I’ve learnt today are

Ogle – State at lecherously

Whim – A sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained

Vigilante – A member of a self-appointer group of people who undertake law enfrcement in their community without legal authority

Patrick Jane is really a fucking cunning and wise man. Love him!




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