Pedra Branca/ Pulau Batu Puteh (Singapore/Malaysia)


          I sincerely admit that Public International Law is one of the interesting subjects to be learnt but why when the tomorrow class is announced to be postponed, I feel the ‘thing’ that sticks in my chest goes away up high to the air. What a relief!! Alhamdulillah. The lecturer is not so good in teaching. That’s the reason. And thanks God my spirit is recovered lately when my friend feels the same thing what I had felt earlier in this semester.

          So, in this case, the court adjudged Pedra Branca/ Pulau batu Puteh to Singapore presumably on the basis of tacit agreement, as evidenced by conduct of the parites. the court also referred to a number of effectivités in support the Singaporean claim. the court found that as with other disputes over lightly or uninhabited insular territory, there was little relevant conduct to review. Nonetheless, the court was able to find several instances of Singapore condu taken à titre de soverein that supported Singapore’s case:

  1. Singapore’s investigations of shipwreck near PBP
  2. Singapore’s permission granted or not granted to Malaysian officials in the context of a survey of the waters surrounding the island
  3. The display of Singapore ensign on PBP
  4. Singapore’s installation of military communications equipment on the island
  5. proposed land reclamation by Singapore to extend the island

          The court further noted that Malaysia never protested any of Singapore’s various acts that could well have indicated its exercise of sovereignty.

So, Malaysia never protested. Never. That’s to be pondered.

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